Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ancestors- elemental and human- we all are

My body as flowing, living waters. Myself as birthing waters. My connection to Mother Earth through my cervix portal. I am studying with Phyllis Bala, from Sacred Ground in Occidental, CA- a mystical, womb place in the midst of the Northern California redwoods. She is guiding me to an understanding of her Medicine Wheel Program.

I feel an interior journey is taking precedence now on my path- rather than creating events, forming an organization or holding activist campaigns. Ever since my workshop in August, 2013 on Reclaiming our Maternal Lines to our Ancestors, Mother Earth and Future Generations, Womens Sacred Work for the Present Generation, I have been investigating more having to do with my lineage ancestors and the ancestral elemental forces in my body. I have learned that my Conquistador Ancestors- Vallejos- were Converso Sephardi Jews in Spain and after they came to the New World in the 1490s were also mulatto and mestizo.

I have been imagining my connection to so many people, up through marriages, births, grandmothers, grandfathers- all my relations- participating in the full elements that have nurtured those ancestors. I contain all that history and there are some ancestral stories that need to be reconciled in this current world, I believe. And I may be a vehicle to help with that, how I am not sure, but certainly my work with EcoBirth is connected somehow with this realization.

I am learning that connecting to my core-heart and uterus and spine- helps me to get out of my whirling mind to an understanding of what I am really made of, who I really am, from my gut not my intellect. And I am a collection of all those stories, actions, places, environments- heartbreak and ecstasy since the beginning of time.  We all are this.

I connect to women who have the same bodily features that open to our Mother Earth- I call it the Womens Collective Matrix. But I also look to balance my grandfathers and my grandmothers, the masculine and feminine, the Earth and Sky, erasing the division, duality, dichotomy. To become integrated, whole and a healing agent for our world and for our ancestors and for the future generations- this is my intention. May I be blessed by the Ancestors and may I become a Beloved Ancestor for my descendants, who live in a healthy, thriving, beautiful world for thousands of generations to come.