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EcoBirth -Three Dimensions of Women’s Sacred Work for The Great Turning

July 2013

EcoBirth -Three Dimensions of Women’s Sacred Work for The Great Turning

    1-Actions to slow the damage to Earth and its beings
a.       Birth revolution-inherent right to birth options
b.      Reproductive rights-motherbaby is the only one who can decide
c.       Preconception, prenatal and perinatal care- supported and resourced
d.      Violence against women-domestic, systemic, harassment, equitable work-restorative justice for womens bodies
e.      GMOs- ban them from poisoning our food
f.        Fracking-stop the poisoning or our water and air
g.       Nuclear waste-in our midst – what do now?
2-      Analysis of structural causes and the creation of structural alternatives
a.       How the present Industrial Growth Society works against women
b.      Long lineage of women’s oppression in history-understanding the cellular level of memory in our bodies
c.       What are the oppressive systems now? State control of our reproductive capabilities, global poisoning of our bodies passed onto our children, medical lack of women-centered care, inequitable work wages and opportunities, authoritarianism, violence against women on all levels of society
d.      Structural alternatives-
                                                               i.      Guardianship of Future Generations, 
                                                             ii.      Womens Congress for Future Generations Convening Conversations outreach
                                                            iii.      UN Commission on Status of Women.
                                                           iv.      Intentional communities like Canticle Farm
                                                             v.      Indigenous and holistic medicine
                                                           vi.      New economics that value womens work
                                                          vii.      Community rights vs individual rights
3-      Shift in Consciousness
a.       Paradigm shift from Fight or Flight to Tend and Befriend
b.      Reclaiming of Women’s wisdom and intuition
c.       Feel the collective grief held in our bodies
d.      Healing our bodies and ourselves and therefore Future Generations
e.      Deep Womb Ecology
                                                               i.      Reclaiming our Maternal lines to our Mother Earth, our Ancestors and Future Generations
                                                             ii.      Women’s sacred work toward healing the Present Generation

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