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Reclaiming our Maternal Lines with Mother Earth, our Ancestors and Future Generations,Women’s sacred work towards healing the Present Generation

June 2013

Reclaiming our Maternal Lines with Mother Earth, our Ancestors and Future Generations
Women’s sacred work towards healing the Present Generation
We are the embodiment of our ancestors and the future generations. We are the present and all the history before and all the history after and the first lifeforce is still in us. Our maternal lines extend to the stuff of stars. We women are the carriers of this lifeforce, create the divine in our bodies-in our wombs. Now we eat from our Mother Earth to form ourselves. We do not realize from what we are created, but it is sacred. We are grief stricken with our acts of evil and separation thru the centuries. We have destroyed that living creation-our earth, air, water-ourselves, we intimately feel this because it is in our embodied cellular level and existential on a cosmological level. We deny ours and the world’s suffering and pain, it is too overwhelming- and we have the illusion that we can avoid it with our efforts at control which becomes pathological addiction and self-idolatry.  
Our hell is the belief in the separation from our holy, unbroken lineage. And women’s particular hell is that we cannot protect ourselves and our babies. Our heaven is knowing that we are here, now, and faithfully it is good- with praise and glory, joy and beauty. We can attempt to understand the sacred compassion that surrounds us, like our mother’s pure womb and the freely given harvests from our Mother Earth. We have free will, but no possibility of certainty. Like birth labor- we must surrender and open with conscious will to create the pathway for life to come forth- our model for living right. It is active surrender to our divine calling, our lineage place and our presence now. We can live consecrated lives and can choose compassion, which is not being afraid of our suffering and the world’s. We can understand that the only way to live is with tending and befriending, caring and nurturance. 
Follow the feminine wisdom, held deeply inside women that is connected to the natural cosmic world in its rhythms, movement, fecund darkness. Help us reclaim our motherforce, our lineage, our motherbaby reverence, our self love. We are the connection of the past and the future and the only way things can get done today- for the better. We must reclaim who we are, heal our core wound of separateness and live the nurturance of compassion. Then we can live with moral authority, with integrity to repair what has been destroyed in ourselves and our world. Working in common, together, in relationship. We will be purified Guardians of passion, love and peace. We will give love so others can Be Loved. We will become Beloved Ancestors and our children to the many generations will be Beloved. With courage, heart, fierce protectiveness, we can heal the world and live lives of meaning.

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