Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our bodies as Commons, Womens Collective Matrix

January 16, 2014

Two wonderful connections this morning- with Women's Congress for Future Generations and TreeSisters: women seeding change. 

We are converging in our hearts and philosophies, understanding that women, as first environments, life-givers, have a responsibility to first No Longer Give Consent to what is life-destructive. Which leads to an understanding of Prior and Informed Consent- like choosing how to birth, like preventing involuntary toxins in our bodies that are passed onto the future generations, like claiming the commons for our communities and planting trees. 

Our bodies are Commons, not really our own, made up of all the earths elements that we ingest continuously- its air in our lungs, its water, its harvest- our Mother Earth's bounty. And our ancestors lives and environments from the first starburst. We are intimate and embodied, but not private, not for sale, actually priceless! Sacred and holy. We have authority to consent or not to how our world is being run. I claim this, i embody this, i inherited this, i pass this on to my precious children. I do not consent to poisoning our world, I do not consent to oppression, suppression, detachment. I grieve these ruinations and acknowledge them and stand  up to them.

I have such a strong feeling of the collective movement of women recognizing their authority in this harsh, beautiful world and that connection, network, matrix is pulsing, growing, palpable. We are a part of this extraordinary time and story. I ask women in my life if they feel this, invariably YES. We have done so much individual work, now we can join each other for the beautiful world we want.  For ourselves, for all life, for our Mother Earth, for the Future Generations.

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